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Flipt was designed with busy listing agents in mind. Win more listings with smart advertising.

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How It Works

Flipt was designed with busy listing agents in mind. Win more listings with smart advertising.

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Get Started with your targeted local marketing campaign in 2 minutes with our easy-to-use ad builder.

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Your ads will be online within 24 hours, zeroing in on motivated home sellers with the right message, at the right time.

Step 3

Motivated sellers click on your ads, request information from you on your Flipt landing page (free), and all you need to do is follow up with the inquiries and win the listings

We've partnered with the top advertising networks in the business

We’ve carefully vetted our advertising partners to bring you the best quality ad placements and traffic, at the best price. We show your ads on thousands of top quality mobile apps, websites, and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Our targeting is what really makes Flipt stand out: we show your ads to verified homeowners only in your selected zip code, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your advertising budget on random web surfers.


What do I actually get with my Flipt campaign?

Flipt is much more than just a ‘real estate advertising’ company. We have real estate sales in our DNA, so we understand that, as a busy agent, you don’t have time to figure out which ads work, or which landing page to use. You want marketing that gets results , requires minimal effort to set-up and manage, and doesn’t require a marketing or advertising degree to figure out. That’s why we built Flipt - a turn-key solution to grow a massive pipeline of local home sellers.
Everything you need is right here. It’s all included with your advertising budget.

Flipt’s proprietary technology puts the power of top digital brands at your fingertips. We access data via our ad partners to identify homeowners in your area, and show them your ad at the right time, with the right message. No more wasted ad displays draining your budget with uninterested web-surfers like our competitors - we only show ads to your local homeowners.
Stop worrying about which ads will get results. We’ve figured out the best performing ad templates to capture sellers and made them available to you so you can get up and running quickly with zero hassles and no worries. You can customize your ads at any time during your campaign to showcase your unique brand, offers, and local area. View Ad Formats
Included in every Flipt campaign are two sets of ads targeting your local homeowners: Brand Awareness ads keep you top of mind with past, present, and future clients, and your Home Valuation ads drive motivated early-stage sellers to your Flipt landing page to convert them into prospects and build your pipeline on autopilot.
Getting a landing page to convert is a science, and unless you have a digital marketing degree and love building websites, we’re betting you just don’t have the time for that. Our landing pages have been tested across the country and convert at a steady 10 - 30% (depending on your local market dynamics). Get a Flipt landing page FREE for a limited time with each new account.
Marketing and advertising is far more than just throwing up some ads on the web and hoping you’ll get rich. Flipt gives you all the tools you need to attract sellers, convert them into prospects, and be the agent that wins the listing. We launch it all for you automatically: a 100% complete and proven real estate marketing machine so you can stop worrying about hiring or firing your marketing manager, and get back to what matters: winning more listings.
We give you an online dashboard so you can access your account 24/7 online. Track your campaign performance, get tips & how-to videos, and stay on top of your Flipt prospects with a super simple interface designed with busy real estate agents in mind. You can customize your ads, access your landing page, and add more spots to your campaign at any time.
Our customer success agents are standing by to help you with whatever you need. Do you need advice or support on how to turn these prospects into listings? Get in touch and let’s chat. All budget levels come with email support, upgrade to our Top Agent or Exclusive Agent tiers to access chat and phone support.

How do we stack up against our competitors?

Flipt is a results focused company: we go beyond simple ad creation, and help savvy agents win listings by targeting motivated home sellers online with proven marketing and advertising that just works.

Complete Solution To win listings brand awareness advertising postcard marketing
Automated Marketing
Builds a Seller Pipeline
Builds Your Brand
Premium Ad Placements
Personalized Landing Page
Web + Mobile Ads Included
Conversion Technology*
Text + Email Notifications
5 Minute Setup
Premium Ad Placements
Lowest Price Per 1000 Ads
No Hidden + Setup Fees

Flipt is solving the toughest real estate marketing problems with technology

Flipt is primarily a technology company, and we’re dedicated to solving the toughest real estate marketing problems with smart technology, and making it easy for busy real estate agents to have world-class marketing, at a fraction of the price. Because we build your ads and campaign programmatically, we’re able to offer you all of this at a fraction of the price of any of our competitors. Just take our landing pages as one example: because our system builds these automatically, we’re able to offer it to you for FREE. Why would we do that? Because we know that when you succeed, we succeed - it’s just good business.

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