Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I be the exclusive agent in my zip code?

Yes, select all 5 spots in your zip code to lock out your competition. Zip codes are limited to 5 spots.

2. Can I customize my ads?

Yes, inside your online dashboard you can edit all of your ads, including images, text and links. We recommend using background images with local-feeling homes.

3. I'm not tech-savvy, how do I get started?

It only takes 5 miutes to launch your campaign and you don't need to be knowledgeable in advertising or marketing. Select your zip code that you want results in, build your first ad with our simple ad builder, and launch your campaign. Our technology handles all the heavy lifting for you and will automatically lauch your campaign.

4. What if I don't have a website or a Facebook page?

You don't need your own website, or even a Facebook page! Flipt provides a dedicated landing page and connects it to your campaign automatically.

5. Where will my ads be shown?

Web ads will be featured on hundreds of websites, including CNN, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Homes, and many more. Mobile ads will run in the Facebook Mobile News Feed and hundreds of Mobile apps. You get both web and mobile ads with one simple price.

6. How does Flipt target homeowners in my zip codes when displaying my ads?

Flipt uses geo-targeting and social data to display your ads to verified homeowners online. The data we use includes homeowner status, ZIP code of residence, age, and interests to target your ads to prospects who are most likely to sell their homes.

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