Joe and Nancy are moving into retirement and thinking about selling.
Be the first to speak to them.

Build Relationships with Future Home Sellers

Connect with empty-nesters, people moving into retirement, and homeowners going through life-changing events before your competition.

  • Real Estate Ads Powered by AI
    Social data paired with Artificial Intelligence delivers your custom real estate ads to motivated homeowners
  • Smart Capture Form
    Get instantly notified about interested homeowners who submitted their address, email, phone number (Validated by Twillio), and a selling status
  • Integrated Solution
    Flipt provides unique data about home values, tips, best practices, and a simple solution that integrates seamlessly with the systems you already use
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Display effective real estate ads

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To homeowners likely to sell with Flipt's artificial intelligence technology

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On the network of 4 million mobile apps and websites targeted by ZIP codes

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Connect with interested prospects using an integrated mobile capture form, data, and warm-up to build relationships with homeowners before competition!

Invest 5 Minutes Today to Grow Your Seller Business for Years.

Claim Your Zip Codes

Flipt shows your ads to homeowners in your zip code. Each zip code only has 5 ad spots available, if you claim all 5 you can lock out your competition.

Customize Your Ads

Flipt automatically builds your ads and schedules them with its proprietary algorithms. You can customize these ads in your online dashboard.

Build Relationships

Follow up instantly with interested prospects who submit information on your ads. Notify other members of your team, connect to your CRM and more.

Never Miss A Conversation


Inbox Alerts


Text Messages

CC Anyone

CRM Forwarding

Top Listing Agent Plan

Request A 15 Minute Demo Check Availability In Your ZIP

  • Technology Membership + Ad Spend
  • Web and Mobile Ads
  • Custom Ads To Attract Sellers
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Automated Email and Text Follow Ups
  • Performance Tracking Dashboard
  • Email Support Only
  • Get Started

Exclusive Broker Plan

Custom Proposal Invest to Scale Your Brokerage

  • All the benefits of Top Agent
  • Exclusive Zip Codes
  • Brokerage Success Manager
  • Custom Reports
  • Access to Training
  • CRM Integration
  • Chat, Email and Phone Support
  • Get Started

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