Grow Your Real Estate Business With AI Technology
That Connects With Likely Home Sellers First

Connect With Home Sellers Before Competition

Flipt helps real estate brokers, growing teams, and local experts gain a competitive advantage with AI that saves time in ad campaign creation, management, and daily optimizations to help to build more relationships, build a stronger brand, and gain a long-term competitive advantage with home sellers

  • Attract

  • Grow your awareness and brand with AI technology that gets you in front of likely home sellers across our network of 4 million mobile apps.

  • Connect

  • Scale your demand and build relationships with prospects who are interested in getting a pricing consultation from a local expert.

Why Flipt?

AI-powered ads save time and give more results

Home images and text can be customized to fit brand guidelines

  • Easy - our platform was designed by a former broker so it takes 15 minutes to setup

    Effective - our AI technology gets you in front of likely sellers before they visit real estate portals

    Efficient - we target only likely sellers in your neighborhood at a fraction of the cost of postcards

Best Consumer Experience On Smartphones

Provide the best consumer experience in your area

AI generated experience promotes you as a top local expert once likely home seller prospects engage with your ads

  • Exclusive - recommends your company exclusively as a top local expert

    Retargeting - continues to nurture your prospects pipeline with built-in retargeting branded ads

    More results - A/B tested with home sellers to maximize engagement and results

Trusted by real estate brokers, growing teams, and local experts

Your Long-Term Competitive Advantage

32,000 listing transactions already tracked and counting!..

Each home on the map is a listing generated from Flipt

  • Connects with likely home seller prospects - over 32,000 homes listed and sold after submitting information via Flipt

  • Works everywhere - Flipt generated transactions with $150,000 to $7,000,000 in listing prices in over 4,000 ZIP/Postal codes in the US and Canada

  • Grow in your market faster every year - data-powered technology gives a competitive edge advertising with higher chances of annual ROI

Learn About Pricing And Availability In Your Area

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